“Sometimes, what you are going through can be a stepping stone to where you are going.”

What is the benefit from therapy with Dianna Jurena?

Let’s review…



*Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  – C.B.T. is based on the principal that Beliefs influence Thoughts, which influence Emotions (feelings), which influence Behaviors (actions) which influence Consequences &/or Benefits.  Thus, ‘HOW we think about what we think about matters.’  The goal of this method is to replace unhealthy thinking with healthy, logical, rational and reasonable thought. The results would show up in not only the thoughts but also the emotions, behaviors, and consequences &/or benefits. I prefer to use C.B.T in conjunction with Thought Field Therapy to obtain even better results.

*I am a Certified Thought Field Therapist since 2000.  Thought Field Therapy (not to be confused with Emotional Freedom Therapy/ E.F.T. which is very different than T.F.T.) is a power therapy.  As you can imagine, it gets the therapeutic work done much faster and deeper with lasting results, than does a non-power therapy.  It combines the use of a decided – upon thought (field) that the client is upset and distressed about and tapping (acupressure) on pressure points on the body.  Both the thought and tapping are done at the same time.  As a result, the emotional (or physical) pain rated 1-10 comes down to a 0 very fast in session with lasting results.

T.F.T. has undergone the research facilitated by my T.F.T. trainer Robert Bray PH.D. with  SAMHSA (the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration).  It states “The review of the Program yielded strong evidence of a favorable effect.”  Such as, trauma & stressor-related disorders and symptoms earned a .94 (95%) success rating!  I regularly get that level of results in session. My clients have experienced a very high success rate with the T.F.T. and C.B.T. combination, compared to other therapeutic methods used in my client’s treatment history.  Through T.F.T., ‘healing is at the tip of your fingers’ – literally!

*I am a Certified Trauma Treatment Specialist through the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists and have been a member of that association both of these since 1/03.  I bring to you abundant training and experience to help you recover from your pain.

*With these methods, your work and a Person – Centered (you) approach, your improvement is sure to occur!

Traumatic events, Life Crisis and PTSD recovery

Yes, recovery – it is possible with Thought Field Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy mixed with a thorough understanding of and compassion to obtain this effect on the individual.  Sometimes, what you are going through can be a very positive stepping stone to where you are going which is to healing.

Grief and Loss Recovery

I can help you move past your pain to healing with the combination of a Person – Centered approach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Thought Field Therapy methods.  Moving on is a process, not a destination.

Abuse Recovery – physical abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence abuse 

I have worked for many years helping these individuals move from being seen as a victim to becoming the victor – freed from the past with the Person – Centered approach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Thought Field Therapy methods.  If you open the door to talk about it, you can open the door to heal about it.

Divorce Recovery

The pain of the loss of your partner as well as the dream of what could have been can be debilitating and long-lasting.  I can help you heal from the pain of lost love and move on to your better future with the combination of Person – Centered approach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Thought Field Therapy methods.  Sadly, it takes two to say ‘I do’ but just one to say I don’t.  I can help you move forward to a life of ‘I CAN do’s’.

Anxiety, panic and stress resolution

Stress can increase to anxiety which can then explode into a panic.  All are very common in our American society.  There is help for these with the combining of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Thought Field Therapy.  Peace and calm can be yours again.  You can gain the ability to not dredge from the past and bring it to NOW and borrow from the future and bring it to NOW – both causing your NOW to be very difficult.

Phobias and fears resolution

Whether your phobias and fears make logical sense to you or not, they are difficult to stop with logic alone.  Thought Field Therapy can work much deeper to get to the cause of the problematic thoughts and feelings and resolve the issue you have with them.  I promise you that all of life is not an accident waiting to happen though it can feel that way at times.

Obsession resolution

Stopping the obsessions must be rough for you, otherwise, you would not be online searching for help.  I have had good success with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Thought Field Therapy in dealing with obsessions especially the painful ones.  How you think about what you think about matters.

Depression decrease and management 

Depressive hopelessness and all the other experiences you may have with depression can be debilitating.  The combination of a Person – Centered approach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Thought Field Therapy can help bring back the ‘colors into your life’ other than just the color blue.

“Moving on’ is a process, not a destination”