“The day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was greater than the risk it took to blossom.” ~Unknown

End Of The TunnelIf you want to know what others think…


“When I first came to Dianna, I was scared and confused. I was engaged to a man that wasn’t healthy for me and had not yet really dealt with the fear I still had from the emotional and physical abuse of my ex-husband. I no longer knew who I was and I felt incapable of moving in a healthy direction.”

“In the past year, Dianna has done significant work with me and I am now in a good place. I trust myself to see people for who and what they are instead of my imagined potential of what they could be. I know I am a good and loving mother who does the right things for her children. I will never settle for anything less than I deserve now and this is a complete shift from where I started when I walked through her door.” 

“The combination of thought field therapy (TFT) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that Dianna uses is highly effective at taking the emotion (which for me, usually equated to fear, shame, or anxiety) out of the event so that the event can be recalled without feeling the emotion that went with it. I was a huge skeptic of this. I like logic and facts and I couldn’t see where the TFT fit in my logical world. Regardless of whether I truly understand how it works, I can definitely say that it DOES work. I am much calmer and feel much more in control of myself than I used to when faced with potentially volatile situations that previously would have created intense anxiety and fear. This is freedom!!”

“I will forever be grateful to Dianna. She helped me get my life back which has affected not only me, but also my two children. Her work changes lives.” 


“After more than a year in marriage counseling and suffering multiple traumas of infidelity by my husband I knew that the work we were doing together would not be enough. I needed to heal myself because that is the only person I could control or trust in my marriage. Diana came highly recommended and although I was open to individual counseling I was hesitant that the work we would do could heal my trauma as it has and in such a short amount of time.”

“When I started seeing Diana I was emotionally and physically exhausted from the roller coaster of emotions that haunted my thoughts day and night. These emotions were revealed in behavior that was unrecognizable. I felt severely out of control and never knew where the next belief or thought would take my emotions and how I would act on them.”

“It was reassuring that from our first session we set goals and each week she provided work for me to do on my own in order to be ready to work at each session. Therapy isn’t a one hour a week quick fix. Our struggles don’t coincide with our weekly session. They happen over and over each day. Because I had been so caught up in the never-ending emotional roller coaster I never actually dissected when, where and what triggered my emotions. The Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) methods that Diana uses in our sessions has truly transformed me. My goal from day one was to gain a sense of peace for myself. By removing the painful emotions from the trauma of my past I have been given peace for my future. This peace doesn’t reside in the fact that I know my marriage will weather this storm because that may not happen. What this treatment has given me, in addition to the inner peace in my head and heart, is the confidence to know how strong I am and that I can handle whatever the future holds.”


“Terrified of the future, haunted by my past” describes where I was in my life before I started my sessions with Dianna. Things that I thought were true, I, to a great extreme would hash over and over to make fit the matrix of assumptions of the ‘truths’ in my mind. We all have traumatic experiences that happen to us, and also for me, the guilt of wrong doings in my youth. These episodes needed closure. The feelings that hovered over me had a way in time of taking over my way of thinking. Desperation, paranoia, hopelessness, low self-esteem and oh yea, beer  that was my depression.”


“Dianna has a way, a method of closing the door to those feelings that hovered over me and unlocked the door of my thoughts to a divine truth and clarity. By changing my thoughts, anger, sensitivity, guilt, desperation and addiction now has its place locked away.”


“I believe anyone can change. Dianna has a path for success. Believe in yourself to change. Thoughts are powerful. Thank you, Dianna. You’re a ‘Life Saver’ with cool mint as the flavor. Once again thank you very much.”


Poem by this writer

When you look, you can find a reason for humility; setting goals to be a contribution to society.


Building a wall to protect, fears from the past, together your mind and thoughts can be a prison only to last.


If you look you can find a reason for insanity when sanity has no reason.


Time can be your hero or storm to lock you up or to set you free to roam.


Your dawn to realization can be the shining light of victory, only to be clouded by negative thoughts of your mind at dusk.


Your thoughts can change your mind of all your iniquities, loving yourself for who you are, not of lust.


When you look at yourself, take away your situation that life has put you in that is out of your control.


Live in the now and what you can change in the future for good, for storms will pass your way only to make you stronger and rebuilt your humanity making it easier for you to be a human-being good.


“I’m finally feeling better! I’ve imagined writing this testimonial for years, always believing healing was possible. Because I’ve found Dianna and her method (artfully combining Thought Field and Cognitive Behavior Therapies) I know I will have a complete recovery. I’ve never felt so much better … so fast!”

“Since age 36 (now 53) I’ve been trying to heal what I’ve come to realize is trauma. My trauma related to growing up in a narcissistic family system which included emotional and physical abuse and a mother who could not love.”

“The things I’ve tried that have not worked are emotional freedom technique (EFT); eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR); hypnosis; hypnotherapy; *meditation; *positive thinking; *spirituality; and talk therapy alone. The things marked with * were helpful in general yet did not heal the trauma – that deep, lonely feeling that comes from thinking “I’m not ok.” and “Who would want me?” Hypnotherapy and EMDR were re-traumatizing. EFT helped strong emotions surface but did not “resolve” them.”

“While working with Dianna I literally feel the trauma release! My improvements since seeing her for only 4 months: how others behave bothers me less; my sadness has lifted at least 60%; I feel more loving towards others and better notice the love given to me; I’m taking much better care of myself and have lost 32 lbs; I have better concentration; it is easier for me to focus on the positive and complain less; and I’m getting out with people again.”

“Before Dianna, I’d spent 7 years with various types of counselors. Nothing has removed the trauma so easily and with such little pain! I look forward to each session and consistently feel better after our time together. Dianna is kind and gentle. She is careful to make sure I don’t wade too deeply, at any one time, into past trauma.”

“Partnering with Dianna is changing the trajectory of my life for good. I remain profoundly grateful for her gift. Do you know something is wrong yet don’t know where to turn for help? With all my heart I tell you this is the place … you can have your life back … you can be happy. Please consider calling her. God speed!”


“I have been seeing Dianna due to extreme emotional trauma from my wife’s infidelities. The pain was so indescribably intense that I didn’t see my marriage surviving. Trying to work through the pain, betrayal, mental and emotional trauma on my own was not going to keep this marriage together. After nearly a year of trying to deal with this, Dianna came highly recommended by a well-respected marriage counselor.”

“In therapy, we discuss the issues and pain associated with them. Once she has established the source of the pain (anger, hurt, sadness, etc) she will determine the correct algorithm to tap on with the TFT Methodology. It will ultimately remove the pain from that particular issue. While the memory doesn’t leave, the pain connected with it does, allowing you to move forward with your recovery.”

“Therapy has affected me by saving my marriage and restoring my trust. It has also given me confidence and given me my life back, allowing me to live and breathe again. What a blessing it is to have God working through Dianna, using her skills and experience to save what I considered lost.”

“I highly recommend Dianna and her use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Thought Field Therapy to promote healing in your lives.”


“Your therapy has provided the gift of significant positive change to my life. I have been repeatedly surprised by the instantaneous relief from emotional pain your therapy has brought me, breaking long-held chains from the past chains that I thought were unbreakable.”

“Even more surprising, and greatly appreciated, is the lasting effect of those positive changes. The enduring nature of this therapy permits one not only relief, but positive change and movement towards a more meaningful existence, based not on negative external factors and history but on an honest and unfettered analysis of one’s inner desire for a happy and meaningful life. This, in turn, helps one strive for a life of genuine self-introspection and contentment.”

“Please recognize that this praise comes from a life-long cynic of therapy, indeed, from one who never believed or participated in therapy until meeting with you. Frankly, I wish that I would have found this relief so many years ago.”


“Is it just me, or does everyone seem to be living larger? Living better than me?  The beautiful life – and I’m stuck here in reality.  Sometimes, the world on display isn’t the one we’re living.  I seem to be sitting on the outside here behind the trends, working longer hours, and despite my many communication devices, I’m on the outside.  Why, in such an inter-connected world, do I feel isolated, alone in my struggle and, well, different?…I don’t know that Dianna has all my answers, but I’m beginning to understand myself like never before.  I know what makes me tick, what makes me different and why certain situations seem more challenging than others.  And from that point, my normal becomes exceptional, because truly knowing yourself is more valuable than knowing everyone else. “


“I came to Dianna while going through couples therapy to deal with the pain of betrayal dealing with my husband’s emotional affair(s). We were in the process of healing as a couple but I knew that individual therapy was needed for my persisting sadness and anger. As a 60-year-old woman with 4 grown children and 25 years married to this, my second husband, I was wanting to find a therapist that could quickly and effectively direct me to the core of my issues and give me tools to not have to go back to the same depths of sadness again.”

“I have always been open to emotional and spiritual healing but my husband’s last betrayal reopened many past emotional wounds. I was ready for forgiveness but the emotions were getting in the way.”

“Dianna’s use of cognitive and Thought Field therapies have been amazingly effective in helping me move through not only the hurt caused by my husband’s betrayal but many other very deep “hurts” that have been rumbling around inside of me for years. I am feeling firmly planted on a positive and healthy daily path for myself.”

“Dianna is one of my dearest and most important teachers.”


“Dianna became part of my life’s journey in 2011 when I approached her off of a referral. She explained the basis of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) to me and I thought it sounded kind of crazy. Really? Tapping?! But as she said, “You don’t have to believe it, you just have to try it.” Truer words were never spoken. I had no idea at the time that I was on a path to true emotional stability, healthier relationships, and a kinder, more realistic view of myself and the world around me. Using a two-fold approach of cognitive therapy and TFT, Dianna has given me an arsenal of useful tools with which to constantly carve my way through life’s stumbling blocks.”

“Earlier this year, I faced the most profound loss of my life with the passing of my child. The feelings of grief, guilt, anger, depression and the deepest disappointment in unmet expectations could have all defined my life. Once again, I called on Dianna to help me work through the trauma and grief, and begin to heal. I honestly do not know where I would be without her invaluable perspective during this long, arduous process.  She has also regularly seen my husband and my mother along with their respective journeys. Eight months later, we have each come out happier and more well-adjusted than we would have ever thought possible at this time. With the help of Dianna and TFT, I am able to look back at this year and recognize how much I have gained, not only what I have lost. I am eternally grateful.”

“Thought Field Therapy is a healthier, more holistic approach to mental health. When I think about the organic nature of its methodology in contrast to the bitter anti-depressants I took for so many years, I wish I had come across it sooner. If western medicine would recognize it for the breakthrough method it truly is, I cannot imagine how many schools, hospitals, government institutions, and even corporations could benefit from it.”


“As I reflect back on this year of 2015 and the events and people that have impacted my life, one person stands out and deservedly gets my vote for Person of the Year, Dianna Jurena.”

“Dianna came highly recommended as an effective therapist and someone I could greatly benefit from by talking to and working through my grief and sorry from the death of my granddaughter and watching my devastated daughter as she struggled to survive the loss of her only child.”

“Wow, that was almost one year ago and I can honestly state that I am not the same person I was before going to see Dianna. I am a happier person and feel better equipped to deal with what life brings my way.”

“Dianna is truly an amazing therapist. She is highly qualified and knowledgeable about all aspects of her profession. She has equipped herself with a wide variety of techniques and skills to help her patients find their paths to a better sense of wellbeing. But just as importantly, Dianna is an extremely kind and compassionate person who will put you at ease to share and face and resolve your problems.”

“One of Diannas many effective techniques is called Thought Field Therapy. This is truly an amazing technique that Dianna has perfected. Many people might be skeptical of and disbelieving of the immediate and lasting benefit and relief it brings. But believe me, it works!”

“Dianna has not only helped me work through my grief and profound sadness but also my anger, guilt, trauma, fear, procrastination, excessive worrying, low productivity and dealing with a nasty divorce after 42 years of an abusive marriage. Thats a lot!”

“I now have tools and skills at my disposal that prevent me from falling down into the wellworn ruts of my negative thinking patterns and I now am able to redirect those thoughts into a more positive outcome. Thats life changing! And I will forever be grateful to Dianna for teaching me these skills.”

“So, whether you are young or old (Im 64), affluent or impoverished, highly educated or not, it matters not; we are all human beings. None of us are perfect and all of us occasionally have problems we cant seem to resolve by ourselves. When you find yourself in need of help, I certainly hope you find the courage to reach out for help and of course, I highly recommend you seek out Dianna Jurena, my Person of the Year. You will most assuredly be glad you did!”


“Dianna and Thought Field Therapy came into my life not a moment too soon! I had come to the end of my rope in a job that had traumatized me daily for months.  The daily atmosphere of fear and mistrust triggered old memories that I was unable to manage on my own. Through a referral, Dianna agreed to see me and after two years of working together, and a transition into a new working environment, I can say that through Thought Field Therapy, Dianna has helped restore a sense of peace to my life.”



Licensed Professional Counselor - Dianna Jurena